East central Fresno neighborhood on edge after mailbox theft

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fresno Police surrounded an east-central Fresno home, finding the neighborhood mailbox that had been stolen just hours before the discovery.

"I automatically knew it was that house across the street because we have so many problems with that house," says Roshawna Baldon.

Neighbors shared photos of the scene, saying the mailboxes were found open, and mail was strewn across the ground of the garage.

Baldon says some of her mail was found in the home.

"Now, I'm nervous because they could steal our identities," Baldon said. "They stole my husband's medication. He's a military veteran."

Police say the video surveillance was helpful in getting a search warrant.

"The video camera and the Ring doorbells only furthers our investigative abilities," says Fresno Police Sgt. Paul Cervantes.

But neighbors say they didn't need the video to know who the culprit was since they say the home has been the source of a series of problems ranging from shootings to squatters and drug activity.

"We don't utilize our parks because we never know what's going to happen," Baldon said.

"Everybody's been thinking about moving," says Erin Haagenson. "We feel like we're not safe. People don't walk to walk by this house because we're scared to be in the vicinity."

Police couldn't confirm if anyone was arrested, but neighbors say there were some people in custody.

"We all stick together and communicate, and it's been working," Baldon said.

Someone pointed out the homeowner and ABC30 attempted to speak with them, but they avoided us.

Neighbors, however, say they did speak with her, and that she stated she had no idea what was happening inside the home and may even want to stop renting out the house.
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