New cafe aims to give busy moms a relaxing coffee break

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Busy moms now have a new place to stop and drink their coffee, and actually enjoy it while it's hot.

At Mama's Cafe in Reedley, coffee, lattes and more are served hot to customers.

"Most of us are always on the go. We don't get to relax. We don't get time for ourselves. This is where Mama's Cafe comes into place, where I only have 15 minutes where I can shop for myself and enjoy a latte," said Jackie Escoto, Mama's Cafe owner.

Jackie Escoto is the owner of Mama's Cafe.

The mother of four just opened the cafe with her husband in Reedley.

So far, they've seen a flow of customers who want their drinks or locally-made pastries.

"I've come in everyday to get the almond ones. He gave me a sample. It was so good. They were having trouble because they kept selling out, so I finally got them," said Suzanne Fillmore, a loyal customer.

The cafe aims to be different from others by incorporating Mexican flavors like specialty churros or drinks like horchata lattes.

"They're a hit. I don't even think we have made any other espresso shots besides our specialty. We have customers that are coming back two to three times a day for them. It's so different and unique and it's a modern twist to our culture and just introducing the favorite Hispanic drink and food items to it," Escoto said.

The store also will sell clothing and eventually home decor and gifts. The owners hope to attract local customers and create a community.

"It doesn't matter what occupation you're in, moms have so much responsibilities and hats that we wear sometimes having that outlet to come to, knowing that someone else understands and knows what you are going through that's something I wanted to create here," Escoto said.

While the name caters to moms, Escoto says it's for anyone looking for good food, drinks and a relaxing atmosphere.

Mama's cafe is open Monday through Saturday 6 a.m. - 9 p.m.
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