Teen arrested for going on 24-hour crime spree and shooting married man she met on dating website

PORTLAND, Oregon (KFSN) -- An Oregon teenager is behind bars after police say she went on a 24-hour crime spree-- which included shooting a married man she met on a dating website.

Authorities said the 56-year-old victim was shot after inviting 15-year-old Raelyn Domingo into his home. The victim told police he met Domingo on the dating website called "Seeking Arrangements".

Court documents said the site markets itself as a place for "sugar babies and sugar daddies." The victim claims he didn't know she was a minor and gave her $260 before police said she shot him in the stomach and ran away.

A neighbor, Shanan Gardiner, said, "As details continue to come out we have these text threads exploding on our phones with all the details. I think the biggest shocker was the age being so young."

Hours later detectives say Domingo crossed state lines to Washington where she is accused of helping rob and assault a 19-year-old man. Police arrested her on Wednesday in Vancouver, Washington.

Domingo is facing multiple charges including robbery and assault
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