Necklace with ashes returned to owner thanks to social media, good samaritan

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Friday was a day Latray Graham didn't think would happen. A necklace she lost nearly a week ago was returned to her.

"You have no idea. Thank you, thank you so much, like really, Thank you. Thank you." Graham told Adam Romo through tears Friday.

Adam Romo found the necklace in downtown Fresno last weekend. He realized shortly after that it had a small urn and ashes inside.

"It's one thing to lose somebody, but lose them twice? I mean, it's really hard." Romo said.

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Through social media and ABC30, he was able to track down Graham on Thursday and met with her Friday to give it back.

"I'm just happy I can help somebody out. To me, that's full payment." Romo said.

Inside the urn are the ashes of Graham's grandparents. Her grandmother, who she was very close to, on her shirt Friday as she got the necklace back.

"I'm just glad that I got a piece of her back because I was not myself without her." said Graham.

Graham put the necklace on immediately after she got it back, clutching it in her hand as she stood and talked to Romo.

She said she is going to be selective about when she wears it out again.

"I'm putting them up." Graham laughed. "They are not going anywhere, I'm going to be very careful how I handle them this time."

Romo and Graham said they'll be sure to stay connected through social media and thanked everyone who helped share the post to make the reunion possible.
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