Manhunt underway for man accused of shooting girlfriend in front of children in Clovis

CLOVIS, Calif. (KFSN) -- A man is accused of shooting his girlfriend in front of their children in Clovis. A manhunt is underway for the suspect.

The shooting happened just after 10 p.m. Saturday near Sierra and Villa avenues. Police say the woman is in fair condition.

Neighbors found the victim -- who's in her 20s -- lying in a pool of blood on the road. Witnesses say her children were nearby screaming for help.

Police say Bernardo Madueno, 32, is wanted for nearly killing his girlfriend of 16 years. He is accused of shooting the victim multiple times, before witnesses say he took off.

"As I was going across the street, a car backed out of the driveway like out of the movie 'Fast and Furious,' slammed it into drive and took off down the street with no lights or anything on," said Jim Grace, a neighbor and former paramedic with the Fresno Fire Department.

Grace was the first person to find the victim lying in the street, covered in blood. He said, "Just did a quick evaluation on her guts and vitals, and she seemed pretty stable, and then in the next few minutes Clovis police showed up quite fast."

The victim was shot in the face and lower body, witnesses say, but luckily police believe she's going to be OK.

"That is very lucky to receive any type of gunshot wounds and survive," said Sgt. Jim Koch with the Clovis Police Department.

As police were helping the victim, another neighbor, Roger Nevarez, found the weapon that police believe was used in the attempted murder. He said, "I kept looking and there was a gun on the floor with like a pool of blood around it."

Police say this was a domestic violence crime; however, there's no prior history of violence between the two. The couple has four children together, who saw the shooting firsthand.

"We heard gunshots and screaming, kids screaming," said Nevarez. "It was really bad. I felt really bad for those kids. I can still hear those screams."

Police say the four children are now in the care of other family members.

Madueno was last seen driving a white 1990s four-door Toyota Camry with an unknown license plate number.

Anyone with information about this shooting or the suspect's whereabouts is asked to contact the Clovis Police Department at (559) 324-2800.
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