Firebaugh man accused of killing his step father with an ax

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Jesse Gunderson worked at Saint Agnes Medical Center but recently resigned before family members say he showed up at his grandparents' house in Michigan.

Gunderson, 26, of Firebaugh made his first appearance before a judge far away from the Central Valley.

Gunderson is accused of murdering his step-father by hitting him in the head with an ax in his own driveway over the weekend.

Family members filled the courtroom Tuesday. The victim, Dan Dart, a retired ford worker, seemed to get along with Gunderson fine. This summer, they even went to a Detroit Tigers game. According to relatives, Gunderson has no recollection of the murder.

"It's a bridge where there's people on each side and their both in our hearts are gone. It happened extremely fast, quiet, there was no indication this was going to take place," said Robert Porter a family member.

After the brutal crime, witnesses said the suspect walked into the house and announced, "I just killed Dan."

Wednesday afternoon at the Firebaugh home Gunderson last lived with his mother and step father no one answered the door.

Officials at saint Agnes Medical Center say Gunderson worked as an imaging assistant until he recently quit.

Loved ones say they have heavy hearts and many lingering questions.

"Our advice is tell all. Let everybody know why and what. Let us all have peace and closure to why this happened, we can't reverse it though," said Porter.
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