Fresno church vandalized just weeks after string of burglaries

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For pastor Darryl Duchene, life has always been a test of faith.

"I pulled up and I saw this big hole in the window and I was like, 'Oh no,' the pastor for Faith Worship Christian Center said.

Since it's founding, the church has endured moves, renovations and has become a popular target for thieves. A few weeks ago, criminals cleared out $15,000 in equipment in two separate raids.

Then last week they returned to deal another blow.

"When I walked through the church I realized nothing had been touched," Duchene said. "I was like, 'Okay, maybe it was just them driving by out of anger to just by and shoot the windows.'"

Duchene isn't naive about crime. He knows this neighborhood is drug infested and even dangerous. After the first two thefts, the community donated a temporary alarm system and security patrols but that hasn't stopped criminals from trying to break in.

"People have told us that we are right in the middle of what's going on," the pastor said. "There's a system here and we are here to tear down that system."

It's a life he once lived and now a voice called for him to return and help others.

"We knew that it wasn't going to be this happily ever after," Duchene explained. "We have a mission and we are going to complete it."

His daughters posted scriptures, words of compassion holding together shattered pieces.

"I have to live the words I teach and I preach," Duchene said. "This is an obstacle and nothing's going to stop us. It's going to motivate us to bring the community together over here because people are scared."

The thieves may break the window, plunder the sacred place, but even so, nothing will break their faith.
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