Fresno father missing for a year, family holding on to hope

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- A Fresno father of four has been missing since December of 2014 and his family is still holding on to hope.

Christmas is not the same at Liz Subia's house. Her kids are without a dad and there are presents without a tree. "He always would get excited and bring home the tree so we're not gonna have a tree cause dad brings that home," Subia said.

She has been waiting for her husband, Fernando, to come home since last year, "The last time I spoke to him was December 9th at 5:42 in the morning."

They talked on the phone while Fernando was at work. After that, Subia said he visited a friend near Fowler and then he vanished without a trace.

The Fresno County Sheriff's office got involved and detectives tracked down a man who was believed to have seen Fernando last. His information didn't help, a $9,000 reward hasn't either, a body was never found and every day without answers, Subia said, is torture, "We try to get through the day, every day is different, some days are harder than the others," she added.

Hope and the kids, Subia said, is all she has left. Thanksgiving has gone by and another Christmas will pass soon, "We can't do anything, we're right here waiting, we're stuck."

All of them are waiting for the head of the house to come home and they are not ready to give up. Subia said, "We all love him and, we need him to come home."

Investigators haven't given up either. The case remains open and the disappearance has been labeled suspicious.
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