Fresno woman involved in mobile home fire calling for change

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The horror of a Wednesday night inferno at the Trails End Mobile Home Park in Northeast Fresno looked like it was sparked by an evil force.

"It was like a nightmare from Elm Street," said resident Heidi Phipps.

But it was no movie set -- it was real danger that has happened far too many times at the ill-fated mobile home park.

Phipps' parents were inside one of the burning mobile homes.

Since she lives just across the street from them, she ran to save her loved ones as the fire raged on.

"When I came to get my parents out of the house, I felt that heat and I was thinking to myself just get your parents out, get your parents out," she said.

Winds sent embers flying throughout the trailer park and towards her home. She immediately turned her attention to her own family.

"When I saw the ashes coming towards my house I said auntie, get my child out, get my child out now," said Phipps.

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In a matter of minutes, three mobile homes were destroyed.

"The material of those types of homes, they tend to burn fast, they are smaller units, it holds heat, transfers heat," said Shane Brown, public information officer for the Fresno Fire Department.

Fresno Fire officials said in the last year, they have responded to the Trails End 10 times.

One of those calls was in April. A man was killed after his mobile home caught fire, an additional trailer was also damaged.

For Phipps, this is the end of Trails End as she plans to move.

"This is not a good environment, I think they should shut this place down," she said.

Investigators are still looking into the cause of the recent fire but believe it could be electrical.

Action News reached out to the landlord regarding the fire, but we have yet to receive a response.
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