6-week-old puppy stolen from San Francisco shelter found abandoned in Oakland

OAKLAND, Calf. -- A 6-week-old pit bull puppy stolen from a San Francisco shelter was found abandoned in Oakland, California, a few days later.

The shelter, Family Dog Rescue, shared pictures of the puppy now safe and sound and pampered - nestled in a blanket and drinking from a Starbucks cup.

The shelter wrote that the woman who found the 6-week-old pup dumped on the street immediately knew something was wrong and called the Berkeley shelter.

When she described him, the shelter said he sounded like the third puppy taken during the break-in at Family Dog Rescue.

ORIGINAL REPORT: 2 puppies stolen from San Francisco shelter rescued, 2 suspects arrested

Two huskies that were also taken were found late Thursday.

Two men have been arrested in connection with the dog-napping.
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