Facial recognition helping identify strays at CCSPCA

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Pet owners now have an extra layer of protection in case their beloved animal ever gets lost.

New facial recognition technology is now available for strays brought into the Central California SPCA.

Getting your pet or a stray dog to keep still for a photo can be tough. But that snapshot can be valuable if your dog or cat goes missing.

All photos taken at the SPCA are now shared on the website FindingRover.

Walter Salvari of the CCSPCA said, "If a customer out there has lost their pet and you have created a profile, immediately they'll be notified if their pet matches the database based on the picture they uploaded themselves."

It is free to register your pet and add your email.

Steve Champ just picked up his lost cat Buddy. He knows lost pets are held for ten days, so he welcomes the new facial recognition program. Champ explained, "Yes, if he ends up missing again then I'll check online to see if his mug shot ends up online."

The SPCA currently houses 400 stray animals. 75 come in on a daily basis so matching lost pets with their owners is a race against time.

Salvari says if you search FindingRover for a lost pet, you'll find animals which fit the description as well as the area where they were lost.

He added, "Make sure you have a current picture. Again, microchip because that's one of the best ways because we do scan animals that come through. A lot of people know it's hard to take a picture of their pet, but a good picture of your pet is always a good idea to have."

People are always taking selfies with their pets, but in this case, a good solo photo of your dog or cat may offer some peace of mind.
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