Month of July one of the busiest for Valley animal shelters

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Every month Fresno Humane Animal Services takes in more than 400 stray animals. Each July that number increases.

"That is because of fireworks, it is just heat, more people are outdoors, leaving gates open," said Angela Brumm with Fresno Humane

The result is a crowded shelter. Brumm said they can not simply just take in, they have to adopt animals out or they run the risk of euthanasia. The state of California has one of the highest kill rates. Last year 111,000 cats and dogs were put down.

"People need to come and adopt instead of buying from breeders or buying from people down the street," she said. "Come and adopt."

To give animals a fighting chance they'll transport them to other shelters. On a weekly basis, Fresno Humane relocates at least 30 animals. Sometimes within the Valley, but mostly out of the area or even out of state.

"Sometimes they are daily," said Brumm. "For example, a litter of puppies or special medical animals come in, we don't want to euthanize them, so we reach out to rescues and they snatch then up and we get them there."

The Porterville Animal Control Shelter is also facing much of the same issues. Earlier this month they announced 21 dogs would be put down, but through the power of social media, they were all adopted.

Overcrowding also creates challenges in hot weather. Recently Fresno Humane received a grant to help keep dogs cool through new fans, misters and a big air evaporator.

"It is very hard and labor-intensive to try and keep them cool so we have misters," she said.

Brumm said it is up to pet owners to help change the climate. She recommends spaying and neutering to reduce populations and microchipping to help animals get back home.
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