Kings County Deputy Sheriff's Association sends out warning regarding phone scam

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- The Kings County Sheriff's Deputy Association is warning people of a phone scam that has occurred over the past two days.

Authorities say a suspect calls people at random posing as a sergeant or a lieutenant of the Kings County Sheriff's Office. The caller claims the person has missed a jury summons and is facing criminal action.

Officials added that the suspects are ghosting an actual phone number from Kings County, so it appears that's where the call is coming from. The number used is 559-582-1431.

The scammer tells the person to call 559-554-2431 or 559-554-2314 to make payments. In one case a victim paid $500 in prepaid cards.

The sheriff's office is warning residents to hang up if they receive a similar call. They say they will never call to ask for money due to a missing jury summons.
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