Small Business Owner Follows Dream for Photography

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Wednesday, October 27, 2021
Professional photographer follows dream for photography
Professional photographer Tatiana Kiseleva knows just how important it is to capture the perfect moment! Sponsored by Hiscox Business Insurance.

NEW YORK -- Tatiana Kiseleva is a professional photographer in New York City who specializes in wedding and engagement photography.

"My goal is to create memories for people. Because a lot of us, we don't treasure what's now, here, in the real moment," says Tatiana.

10 years ago, Tatianna moved to New York City from Russia and instantly fell in love. She found her passion for photography in New York, and started her small business, Tatiana Kiseleva Photography.

"Being a small business owner to me means independence and responsibility, and for example, as an event and wedding photographer, liability insurance is very important It's crucial to have coverage and be protected. That's why I chose Hiscox Business Insurance," she says.

Sponsored by Hiscox Business Insurance.