Fresno sisters' Pie Mamas dessert shop delivering homemade pies to the Valley

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Whether you're a fan of apple, pumpkin, triple berry or pecan, a family of bakers is serving up a pie with a Valley twist.

"All of our ingredients are local. We go out to farmer's markets and reach out to local growers to obtain our product," said Anna Covarrubias, co-owner of Pie Mamas.

Perfecting their mother's recipes, sisters turned "pie mamas" Anna and Katrina say they started the business to carry on family tradition while offering a sweet treat for the Valley.

"Intricate details that go into it the weaving the little braids or flowers that go into that and people love to see those designs when they get their pie. We custom make all of our pies, so our toppings are unique and different per pie and order," Anna said.

Open less than two months, Pie Mamas already have a nationwide following.

"Our business is already growing so fast we have people from other states calling in to order for their families here," Katrina said. "We deliver them for them. We custom make everything for them."

The pies are made from scratch, and the attention to detail isn't just in the beautiful designs. They have sugar-free selections, and they're working on a vegan option and almond crust.

"We know they're delicious. We know they're made from scratch we know we put a lot of love into them, but it's different when we hear it from the community its different when they say, 'Oh my God this is the best pie I've ever had.'" Katrina said.

With their cousin Marcee on the team, the family-run operation is now expanding from only custom orders to community pop-up events, including the Fresno Art Hop.

"We know what we're doing. We pull it together. We want everyone to have their pie on time, so there are times we're running all over the place, but we get it done," Marcee said.

Releasing a Pie Mamas cookbook is what's next on the list. The recipes and art are already in the works.

You can call to order custom pies or find the Pie Mamas on Instagram, Facebook or their website.

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