California begins issuing Real ID cards for residents traveling on planes

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Starting January 22nd California will begin issuing special identification cards for flying on an airplane and traveling internationally. (KFSN)

Starting in October of 2020, the DMV Real ID will be required to board a domestic flight unless you have a passport.

However, you have plenty of time to decide if you want to apply for the Real ID.

The 9/11 Commission required states to have a standardized, more secure ID for travelers boarding domestic flights. The Real ID is that card.

Happy pictures at the DMV! ABC30 employee Jim Jacobs was the first person at the DMV on Olive Ave. in Fresno to apply for the new Real ID that will be required by Oct 2020.

"I have heard about that. I believe I don't have to if I have a passport. Right, is that correct? So, I think I'm good," Diane Vargas said.

Diane is right.

DMV spokesperson, Cristina Valdivia Aguilar said, "It's optional, so if you fly domestically, October 2020, and don't have a California Real ID, you'll need to use your passport or another federally accepted document to board a plane."

The DMV is running PSAs on the re-design so many of the people waiting in line heard about the Real ID, though not many were applying.

The DMV will add staff and open some offices on Saturday to handle appointments for an expected surge in Real ID applications which require an extra layer of security.

"You'll need to bring specific documents to provide proof of residency, California residency, your social security number," Valdivia said.

A birth certificate or marriage certificate may also be needed. The Real ID or a passport will also be required to enter military bases and federal facilities.

Aside from the Real ID, other DMV ID's and driver licenses will say, "federal limits apply," in the right corner.
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