Local law enforcement leaders calling Proposition 57 worst idea yet from Governor

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several local law enforcement leaders said Thursday a proposition on the November ballot will be much worse than Prop 47 if it passes. District attorneys and police leaders from all over the Central Valley are calling the Public Safety and Rehabilitation Act of 2016 the worst idea yet from Governor Jerry Brown.

"You know, I gave the Governor the benefit of the doubt. He didn't do me the same favor. I double checked and he didn't double check and that is very concerning to me, he doesn't even know what's in his own proposition," said Margaret Mims, Fresno County Sheriff.

Sheriff Mims is talking about a voicemail the Governor left her recently which thrust the proposition into the public spotlight. Before that, few knew much about Prop 57.

"This may be good for the Governor. This may be good for the state to reduce the prison population, but it's an absolutely unqualified disaster for the counties and the cities that are going to be dealing with those who are going to be returned far earlier than they should've been," said Larry Morse, Merced County District Attorney.

The author of the three strikes law believes the initiative undoes years of progress in crime fighting.

"What we've got here is a situation where laws without penalties are virtually no laws at all," said Mike Reynolds, Three Strikes Author.

But there are those for the controversial proposition. Like criminal defense attorney Roger Bondakdar who believes second chances should be offered for certain inmates. Those who have taken rehabilitative steps and don't have a long, violent, past.

"The parole that's contemplated by Proposition 57 is not automatic. It's something that will require the oversight and review. Participation by the DA to be heard on whether or not this is an appropriate candidate. A determination and recommendation by a commissioner, and ultimately a finding by an administrative law judge."

With crime already up 16-percent in Fresno over the past two years consecutively Fresno's top cop said this proposition will make all crime rise.

"Proposition 57 will endanger members of our community. That's a promise,' said Jerry Dyer, Fresno Police Chief.
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