Push to repeal and replace Affordable Care Act already drawing criticism

The White House touts the bill as an important step toward restoring healthcare choices and affordability.

"What our desire is to drive down the healthcare costs for everybody and the way that you do that is to increase choices for folks, increase competition," said Tom Price, Health and Human Services Sec..

The plan would maintain coverage for those with pre-existing conditions and allow kids to stay on their parent's plan until they turn 26. But the bill would also eliminate federal aid to expand Medicaid. Federal subsidies would be replaced by tax credits.

"It repeals the Obamacare mandates on individuals and businesses. It ends funding for Planned Parenthood and sends that money to community health centers," said Rep. Paul Ryan, (R) House Speaker.

But Democrats are prepared for a fight-- they say the bill would raise insurance costs, on average, a thousand dollars a year.

"It cuts and caps Medicaid, which has expanded health insurance to over 20 million Americans and affects poor people as well as many elderly," said Sen. Chuck Schumer, (D) Minority Leader.

Fresno Democratic Congressman Jim Costa called the bill detrimental to the Valley.

"Before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, over 22-percent of my constituents had no insurance whatsoever. In six years it's been cut in half," said Rep. Jim Costa, (D) Fresno.

Some Republicans have also been critical of the plan-- Senator Rand Paul tweeted, "The House leadership plan is Obamacare lite. It will not pass."

Some Republican lawmakers couldn't support the bill due to concerns over the loss of Medicaid funds in the future.
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