Reaction after 'Roseanne' show cancelled following star's racist tweet

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Just weeks after announcing the revival of Roseanne would be back for season 2, ABC announced the Connors are no more. (KFSN)

Just weeks after announcing the revival of Roseanne would be back for season two, ABC announced Tuesday the Connors is no more. The network abruptly cancelled its hit show after Roseanne Barr posted a racist tweet aimed at Valerie Jarrett, an African American woman and longstanding senior advisor to former President Barack Obama.

Jarrett responded on MSNBC calling it a "teachable moment."

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The tweet was deleted, but the effects of it were not. This evening Roseanne was back on Twitter apologizing, saying she's "sorry her tweets cost hundreds of writers and actors their jobs, and that she doesn't want to be defended."

The Network and Barr's agent have dropped her.

The tweet caused a social media storm, with some Twitter users calling the remarks racist and bigoted, even her co-stars voiced their disgust.

Armando Peraza says he doesn't let his children watch the show because, "She's inspiring more racism more hatred and I don't think that's good for any of us."

We caught up with Peraza as he learned his Starbucks in Fresno was one of the 8,000 stores nationwide closed for training urging workers and managers to discuss racial bias. 175,000 employees underwent the instruction following the arrest of two African American men at a store in Philadelphia last month.

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Peraza adds, "It seems like a lot of people are coming out being more racist more hateful, but all we can do is show them love and compassion."

"People being comfortable in the things they say, without retribution, that's been endemic over the last two years," said Fresno City College African American Studies Instructor Karla Kirk. "It's good to see a push back. Is it enough? I think its a start."

She adds, "We're not a country that's holding people accountable for the things they're saying."

The NAACP has released a statement that reads in part, "We applaud ABC for taking a stand against racism by canceling Roseanne today. We commend the network and its president for placing the values of diversity, inclusion and respect for humanity above ratings."
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