Families trying to stay cool as heat wave hits Central California

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Sunday, June 23, 2024
Families trying to stay cool as heatwave hits Central California
People across the Valley are doing what they can to stay safe and cool during this heat wave.

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- People across the Valley are doing what they can to stay safe during this heat wave.

"Today was about to be 100 degrees," said Angelo Gonzales of Fresno. "So we were looking at public splash areas and this is one of our closest ones that we went to."

On Saturday afternoon, families were out at Fig Garden Loop Park in Northwest Fresno, trying to stay cool in the shade.

Gonzales set up his family's beach tent in front of the splash pad, so that they can try and beat the heat. They also brought with them other supplies.

"We do have sunblock and we do have a towel," said Gonzales. "Just to make sure she stays nice dry and after we take off. But definitel sunblock is a must."

It's a refreshing spot that Gonzales and his wife like to take their daughter Talia to, when the weather gets hot. Gonzales said last summer they would come to the splash pad a few times a week.

For Talia it is a refreshing retreat.

"I like the thing where you have to wait and the water drops on your head," said Talia.

With triple digit temperatures expected over the next few days, the Fresno Fire Department is expecting to get more calls for heat related illness.

That's why the agency has this reminder.

"As folks are coming into the weekend, wanting to have a good time, find ways to cool off, we want to remind everybody the importance of staying hydrated," said Josh Sellers with the Fresno Fire Department. "Drink plenty of water. Also limiting the amount of time that your outdoors."

First responders said it's also important to check in on each other during these dangerously hot days, especially for those in sensitive groups.

"Our youngsters and our elderly that maybe more susceptible to the hear related injuries," said Sellers.

The City of Fresno also set up cooling centers for people to get some relief. If people need to get to those cooling centers, FAX is offering free rides to the sites.

But after a refreshing retreat at the splash pad, Gonzales said he's looking to take his family out for milkshakes.

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