Student's SAT test score improved 330 points and she's accused of cheating

Friday, January 4, 2019
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Student accused of cheating on SAT after her score increased

MIAMI, Florida -- A high school senior in Florida says she's being accused of cheating because she improved her SAT score by more than 300 points.

Kamilah Campbell received a letter from the testing company saying her score was "invalid." She thinks it's because when she took the test the first time she scored a 900. When she took the test for a second time, she received a much higher score of 1230.

Campbell said in a news conference with her family and attorney, she worked hard for her results.

"I did not cheat. I studied and I focused to achieve my dreams," she said, "To have your effort taken away from you, and them saying, 'Oh well, we think you cheated.' It's not fair."

Shirley Ferguson Campbell said, "She's staying up late nights, she's staying up early mornings studying. She received extra tutoring because she set a goal in her head that she wanted to reach, and she accomplished that goal. She deserves to be honored."

Civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump said, "They cannot measure her destiny."

Campbell wants to go to Florida State University but says she can't even apply until her score is validated, which is why she hired Crump.

The testing company says they don't cancel scores based on gains alone, but that scores could be flagged when test takers' sheets have similar answers.