Selma cookie maker expands with new technology

SELMA, Calif. (KFSN) -- Several ingredients are the base of tasty cookies baked at Auntie MO's Cookie Cottage in Selma every day.

"Business came out a screeching halt for a while, and then it started picking back up. Our regular customers, of course, are so wonderful, new and old, they all returned," said Marianne Rodriguez, owner of Auntie Mo's Homemade Cookies.

After making it through the pandemic, Rodriguez saw more requests for parties and gifts. She says the community kept her going.

Recently, she decided to invest in new technology to help her grow and serve more customers and businesses.

"I call him a new employee. I refer to him as he. This is Eddie," Rodriguez said.

The machine does food-safe printing of logos and pictures.

"So it's a machine, and it prints directly on top of many different surfaces: cookies, marshmallows, pop tarts, crackers, M&M's. I've tried it on a slice of cheese. It prints on just about anything," Rodriguez said.

While she makes and bakes cookies by hand, Rodriguez has been able to increase her volume and serve more customers.

She also has fun cookie kits.

In addition to her business, she does a "Random Act of Cookie Kindness" or RACK, leaving a sweet box of treats to people in the community.

"That's kind of our mantra where we go out, and we want to encourage whoever we're racking to do the same. Just for no reason whatsoever, just do a random act of kindness." Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez is coming up on her five-year business anniversary as a licensed cottage bakery.

Auntie MO's is starting to hold in-person cookie classes once again.

She's looking forward to connecting with the community over a sweet treat.

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