Don't try this at home: man cements head in microwave

ENGLAND -- Firefighters in Central England say they were left seriously unimpressed after a Youtube video stunt went terribly wrong.

Thursday, a prankster by the name of Jay Swingler had his friends cement his head inside a microwave oven. After filling the microwave with wet cement, the man stuck his head stuck inside and waited almost two hours for it all to dry.

Friends fed an air tube into the device so he could breathe and he covered his face with a plastic bag but their attempt at making a cement mold of his head backfired.

The friends spent almost 90 minutes desperately trying to free Jay when his air tube got stuck. They dug away at the cement and tried to take the microwave apart. When the realized there was not anything more they could do they called the fire department.

It took firefighters another hour to finally free the man's head from the microwave.

The prankster was left shaken, but unharmed.
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