'He doesn't even look human': Racist rant caught on camera in California

PLAYA VISTA, California -- A racist rant from a woman berating a mother and her young son was caught on camera in California.

Belinda Panelo was walking with her child when the woman began yelling at her.

"What are you? He doesn't even look human," she said on the video. "We don't want you here. This is our street. Leave us alone."

The 44 year old mom from West Los Angeles says she and her son had parked on a public street in Playa Vista to grab some coffee Tuesday afternoon when they came under the verbal attack.

"We pay ten thousand dollars a month to keep you out," the woman said.

Panelo said she didn't catch the peak of the woman's racism on camera, but that she kept asking what mix they were and kept calling them ugly, poor, and subhumans.

Penalo said she was able to keep her wits about her.

"Because inside, you know, you want to react a certain way, but you're going to have to, like, keep it together," she said.

She tells us she was trying to show her son how to handle such a situation.

"You'd hope that in a situation that your child would react in a respectful way," she said. "Maintaining their dignity, but while still standing up for themselves."

She says she and her son had a nice conversation about race and history after they got home.

"I will not have one incident make me think that everybody who was in that neighborhood was like that," she said. "Because it's not fair to generalize, and we don't know if someone is suffering, if they have health issues."
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