BART employee rescues man from oncoming train after Raider game: VIDEO

OAKLAND, Calif. -- It could've been a tragic disaster at the Coliseum BART station after the Oakland Raiders game, but one BART employee saved a man by pulling him off the tracks just in time.

BART released heart-stopping video on Monday of the incident.

Transportation Supervisor John O'Connor, a 24-year BART employee, was helping usher fans to their trains last night when he says he saw the man fall onto the tracks.
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O'Connor said he grabbed the man by the shoulders, lifted him up and rolled him onto the platform. He said an oncoming train was only about 60 feet away when he got the man up to safety. BART does not know if he went to the Raiders game, but he reportedly told other passengers he was trying get to Sacramento.

BART spokeswoman Alicia Trost said the man who fell underwent a medical evaluation. She said O'Connor is "very humble" but will talk Monday about what happened and how all frontline employees are trained to respond and react.

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