Housing Watch: Tesoro Viejo in Madera County to release new models

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Thursday, September 16, 2021
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An already popular housing development in Madera County is ready to release new models.

MADERA, Calif. (KFSN) -- An already popular housing development in Madera County is ready to release new models.

Tesoro Viejo, off Highway 41 and Avenue 15, is located nine miles from River Park.

The name translates to "old treasure" but the development has quickly become a new gem.

A kids splash area is part of a resort-style indoor/outdoor clubhouse at the rapidly growing development.

It featured a large pool for the adults, with cabanas and plenty of room to hang out

The gathering spot has been a big selling point for families looking to move.

Tesoro Viejo resident Bonnie Olsten explained, "They have no idea until they come and visit and then they see what we have here. A lot of people, I see them every weekend. They come and they have coffee and the next thing you know, they're buying a house."

A coffee shop is part of the town center. So is a Madera County fire station and Sheriffs' sub-station.

Development Vice-President Karen McCaffrey said, "This was designed as a master-planned community. Live, work, play. Very important to us that you have a connection to nature."

That's why you'll find 14 miles of trails connected to the community. Some lead to the San Joaquin River.

Olsten said, "It's kind of like being in the country still but yet you're still so close to town."

We watched Olsten tool around the neighborhood in her golf cart. Other residents rode their bikes.

McCaffrey said of the neighborhood, "It has a wonderful small-town charm to it."

She added Tesoro Viejo will unveil its newest models in October - Savannah by McCaffrey Homes.

Demand for houses here has exceeded her expectations

McCaffrey admitted, "It has. It is incredibly popular."

Madera County Supervisor Brett Frazier noticed people weren't just moving in from other Valley cities

Frazier said, "We have people from the Bay Area, Southern California, different states, Canada, that have moved here."

The community even has its own TK-8th grade school.

Frazier said Tesoro Viejo has energized the county and given it a big property tax boost.

He continued, "It's a flagstick that we've put in the ground. Obviously, those of us who lived in Madera, grew up in Madera, knew what a gem Madera County was.

McCaffrey added, "Madera County appeals to families. They love this peaceful, restful, tranquil setting."

500 homes have been already gone up at Tesoro Viejo.

But there was plenty of room to grow. Over 5,000 houses were slated to be built here.

The accommodate the added traffic, Madera County planned to expand Highway 41 in the area and turn it into a 4-lane highway in 2023.