Fallout from this weekend's second tornado warning

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Monday, March 13, 2023
Fallout from this weekend's second tornado warning
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The National Weather Service in Hanford had another busy Sunday afternoon as multiple weather advisories were issued due to extreme weather.

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Multiple weather advisories were issued today due to extreme weather this afternoon.

Another tornado warning and severe thunderstorms pounded the Central Valley along with hail and lightning.

Action News Insiders from across the valley helped capture the storm as it barreled through the valley, our News crew was also out chasing the dark powerful cells.

ABC30 Insider Photos:

Courtesy of Rochelle Engle

"That, that rain, that was buckets coming down, it wasn't little drops," said J.L Marshall, Dos Palos resident.

Emergency alerts were sent out on cellphones and broadcasted on TV early Sunday afternoon as a powerful storm made its way through the central valley..

A tornado warning was issued for the second time this weekend shortly after 3 o'clock for Merced and Madera County near Los Banos...

"It said don't get close to windows or get underneath part of the house that's braced," explained Marshall.

Other residents in Dos Palos said they are used to rain, but the sound of thunder and heavy pellets hitting their rooftop caught their attention, along with the tornado warning on their home alarm system.

"At first it was just the rumbling, then came a little lightning, then the rain started profusely coming down, next thing you know you started hearing the hail," said Rochelle Engle, Dos Palos resident.

Hail the size of dimes and nickels is what residents across the valley were reporting.

A video taken just southwest of Fowler shows hail blanketing the ground as lightning lit up the sky.

Weather chasers were also out in full force this weekend, capturing images showing the clouds spinning in a circular formation.

"It kind of piqued my anxiety a little bit, I was like what Dos Palos, no way," said Engle

"With this much water, if we had another one like that, it would probably go in my house," added Marshall.

The severe weather advisories have since expired, but flood watches will remain in effect until the middle of the week.

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