Adventure Church vows to continue fight for Tower Theatre ownership

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Sunday morning was a celebration for the group 'Save the Tower Theatre.'

"We're very grateful that the city council is preserving the theater as an artistic, cultural asset to all of Fresno and the Central Valley," said demonstrator Jaguar Bennett.

Thursday afternoon, the City of Fresno approved a deal to purchase the Tower Theatre for $6.5 million.

For Adventure Church, which has been trying to purchase the theatre since September 2020, Sunday was business as usual.

"Of course we're going to meet there. We know that's where God has called us, we know that's the door of opportunity," said Adventure Church pastor Anthony Flores.

That's despite the challenges the church has faced over the past couple years.

Sequoia Brewing filed a lawsuit against Adventure Church over its attempted purchase, exercising a right in its rental agreement to buy its portion of the property.

The city's attorneys say the deal between Adventure Church and the owners of the Tower expired, paving the way for the city's purchase.

"I'm completely convinced that what we've done is above board and ethical. I'm convinced that they did what they think is ethical and we're going to find out in court," said Flores.

Even with potential challenges to the city's deal, 'Save the Tower Theatre' demonstrators feel like the work they've put into their protests has paid off.

"The theatre is going to continue to operate as a theatre and that is going to both stimulate and protect the local economy and local businesses down here," said Bennett.

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