Local blueberry farmers see strong demand during pandemic

Ripe blueberries are picked by hand at Triple Delight Blueberries in Fresno County.
FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Ripe blueberries are picked by hand at Triple Delight Blueberries in Fresno County.

"People are buying up blueberries. I think they're home a lot more and spending a lot more time at home, not going out and wanting good healthy snacks for their kids," said Kim Sorensen.

Kim and Mark Sorensen are the owners of Triple Delight Blueberries near Caruthers.

They've seen a demand for the healthy fruit.

Harvest started in April, and they're thankful the season is going smoothly during this pandemic.

"We get mostly the same people every year, which is really nice, and the crop looks to be a pretty large crop," said Mark Sorensen.

The sixth-generation family-run farm takes these blueberries and sells a majority of the crop at farmers' markets in the Bay Area and Northern California.

They've had to choose which markets to sell at because of a labor shortage.

The Sorensens say labor and water are on the minds of many farmers right now.

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"We are getting no surface water this year, so we are pumping, but if everybody does that, it's gotta be replenished, so we just hope for good wet years," Sorensen said.

The farm grows a variety of blueberries, and harvest will hopefully last until the Fourth of July.

Their fruit stand at Highway 41 and Nebraska is open six days a week.

While restaurant sales have impacted their business, they have expanded their market outreach and say they are thankful for the support.

"It's very rewarding knowing we grow something that people love that much," Sorensen said.

A homegrown fruit produced right here in the Valley.

You can find these sweet Treats at the Triple Delight Blueberries farm stands or local farmers markets like the Vineyard Farmers market or Tesoro Viejo.

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