Evil in the Archives: Stealing the Unborn

With the promise of free diapers and baby furniture a pregnant mother of 5, Margarita Flores, got in a truck and never returned.

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Thursday, February 1, 2024

Inside every local TV station lives an archive filled with that city's evil acts waiting to be explored. Evil in the Archives dives into the stories that gripped a community and the people keeping their loved one's memories alive.

With the promise of free diapers and baby furniture, 8-month-pregnant mother of 5, Margarita Flores got in the truck. A few days later, a woman turns up to the local children's hospital with a stillborn baby, claiming to be hers.

The 1998 abduction frightened expecting mothers all over California. Stealing the Unborn explores the frantic search for Margarita and the harrowing discovery across the border in Mexico.

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