Tulare County Animal Services having special for big dog adoptions

TULARE COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Animal shelters across the Central Valley are seeing an increase of animals in need of a loving home.

Carrie Monteiro with the Tulare County Animal Services says they're at capacity and the pandemic has played a huge role.

"For over a year or two years, we did not have spay or neuter programs happening at the clinics, so we are seeing the effect of that," she said. "We also see some of the other ripple effects. Some individuals being evicted from their home may have to go to a home where they can't have their pet at."

A disproportionate number of large furry friends are among the thousands of healthy, adoptable dogs that don't make it out of California's animal shelters each year.

The shelter is hoping to avoid euthanizing any animal so with the help of the Best Friends Animal Society, they launched an adoption special for big dogs, charging $20.

"It includes not only the adoption but spay and neuter costs, all up-to-date vaccines, microchip and a free gift bag with goodies and supplies," Monteiro said.

The offer ends January 31st and even though it's for large dogs, Monterio says they will work a deal with families who spot little dogs they would like to take home.

It's a win-win as we are able to adopt out the animals we have now and make room for more animals we know are out there and in need of care," she said.

To view the animals available for adoption, visit their website.
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