Exeter twin sisters diagnosed with lesions - in exact same spot

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Twin sisters from Exeter are beating the odds - in their fight against cancer.

Pretty flowers helped identical twins Sandi Soares and Sher Allen celebrate Valentine's Day.

The hand-holding sisters are recovering at CRMC after colonoscopies revealed lesions - in the same spot.

Sher and Sandi have been finishing each other's sentences for 64 years.

Sandi has been treated for several brain tumors.

"I never suspected she had cancer because I've had mine for, well - I don't want to say mine. It's not my cancer. I'm killing it," says Sandi.

But doctors found a polyp in Sher's colon that grew into her appendix.

Even though they're twins, their diagnosis puzzled doctors.

"It is very rare to see two twins together and see them in the same practice and then see them with prior colonic disease which was very similar," says Dr. Mandeep Singh.

Added Dr. Amir Fathi: "The location of the disease is exactly the same but the pathology's different."

Naturally they're recovering in the same room.

Identical twins hold a special bond. Despite their health issue, they remain upbeat and willing to share secrets.

Doctors say their prognosis is very good - just like their attitude.
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