Local pastor heading to Ukraine to help with humanitarian relief

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- For months, the war in Ukraine has displaced millions.

Faith leaders are making the trip to the war-torn country to help with relief efforts.

Among them -- City Serve, which has a warehouse of donated supplies in Poland.

"They're based out of this warehouse where they have created an underground railroad of pastors that are bringing supplies into Ukraine," said Jim Franklin, pastor of Cornerstone Church in Fresno.

Franklin is leaving for Poland with City Serve Tuesday. He will visit Ukraine to observe the transfer of supplies as well as meet with local pastors to offer support.

"We're also taking some mental health experts that are going to help them with how to deal with the stress and how to help those that are dealing with the stress," said Franklin.

The warehouse is stocked with food, clothes, and medial supplies among other much-needed items.

When he returns to Fresno, he says he will share his experiences with his congregation.

"Hopefully by going there, I'm going to be able to come back and share the real stories -- parts of stories, because there's nothing like being there," said Franklin.

Franklin says he's looking forward to showing compassion to those he meets. He's also eager to offer support to the pastors on the ground.
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