Measure Q highlights

When voters overwhelmingly passed Measure Q in November 2010, they paved the way for signature projects at all high schools.

This meant highly visible renovations in every region of the district that improved the learning and teaching environments for students and staff. The district has $250 million in projects completed or underway using Measure Q funds.

For example, at Fresno High School, the outdated "bunker" buildings at the front of the school were torn down, opening up the view of historic Royce Hall. The space in front of Royce Hall was transformed into Warrior Plaza, a green area for students to gather and hold events. The architectural design of the new administration building and library/media center further complements and enhances the grandeur of Royce Hall. The two buildings include 20 classrooms.

"Measure Q changed how our high schools looked, and how our community feels about them," said Superintendent Michael Hanson. "It also gave us the opportunity to complete renovations throughout the district that meant better learning environments, increased safety and better technology."

In addition, Measure Q built the Phillip J. Patiño School of Entrepreneurship, which opened in August 2016, the first high school of its kind in the country. By the time students graduate, they will have started their own business while learning essential career and college skills in a state-of-the-art facility.

Measure Q was approved by 76% of the voters in November 2010, and authorized the issue of $280 million in general obligation bonds to offset state budget cuts, attract quality teachers, and repair/ improve/modernize classrooms by:

  • Upgrading vocational education classrooms, science labs, technology and libraries

  • Improving security, fire safety, restrooms, plumbing and ventilation systems

  • Increasing handicapped access

  • Securing state matching funds

  • Replacing deteriorating portables

  • Preventing dropouts by improving alternative schools

  • Acquiring, constructing, repairing campuses, facilities and equipment

High School Measure Q Projects

Along with Fresno High renovations and Patiño, significant high school projects were:

  • Bullard High School: A south classroom building opened for students in January and a north classroom building is expected to open in early 2017. Work is beginning on a new administration building and library media center at the front of the school.

  • Edison High School: A new classroom building opened in 2013.

  • Hoover High School: A new classroom building opened in August 2013 and a new pool complex opened in August 2015.

  • McLane High School: A new classroom building opened in August 2015.

  • Roosevelt High School: A new classroom building opened in 2013 followed by a much larger, revamped student plaza area and entryway arch and wrought iron fencing in spring 2014.

Measure Q also funded a variety of projects throughout the district, including a renovation of Addicott Elementary School to better serve the severely disabled students who attend that campus; a new gym at Baird K-8 School; heating and cooling upgrades at Birney and Pyle elementary schools, Computech Middle School, Duncan Polytechnical, Edison, Roosevelt, Sunnyside and McLane high schools; roofing at Kings Canyon and Wawona middle schools; gym floor refinishing at Computech, Tehipite, Tenaya, Terronez, Tioga and Wawona middle schools and Fresno, Hoover, McLane, and Roosevelt high schools; play equipment replacement at Ericson, Greenberg, Lawless, Wishon, Del Mar, Easterby, Roeding and Viking elementary schools; parking improvements for Edison baseball/softball parking area and Bullard baseball/softball parking area; and installation of an outside amphitheater at Cooper Academy.

Elementary Classrooms Constructed

New elementary and classroom buildings have been constructed at Aynesworth, Baird, Centennial, Easterby, Ericson, Figarden, King, Mayfair, Robinson, Rowell, Slater, Turner, Wilson, and Winchell.