Work Continues on Turner, Figarden Buildings

Friday, March 31, 2017

New buildings are rising at Turner and Figarden elementary schools as part of the district's Measure Q projects.

The project at Turner includes the construction of a new classroom building and a new administration building to replace 13 existing portable classrooms. Both buildings should be completed in time for the start of the new school year in August.

At Figarden, a new classroom building and a new kindergarten classroom building will be completed this June.

The Turner and Figarden projects are among $265 million in projects funded by the $280 million Measure Q, approved by voters in 2010. In addition, plans are underway to build on the work with Measure X. Voters approved the $225 million Measure X on Nov. 8.

Because of the support of the community for local bond measures, Fresno Unified has been able to make significant improvements to campuses throughout the district, including school renovations, new safety and technology updates and new buildings to replace portables.

At Turner, the new 10,000 square-foot building features eight classrooms, student and staff restrooms and a shared internal collaboration space to foster project-based learning.

The new administration building's prominent location on the corner of Peach and Clay avenues will help reinforce the school's identity. The 2,000 square-foot building replaces the portable administration building and features a visitor waiting area, meeting room, nurse's office and restroom, teacher workroom, staff restroom and new administrative offices.

At Figarden, construction is underway on an eight-classroom building and a four-classroom kindergarten building. When the buildings are complete and teachers move in in June, the district will start on another eight-classroom building, scheduled to be completed in the spring of 2018.

The classroom buildings were designed with larger collaborative study areas running down the center of all eight classrooms. The kindergarten classrooms have direct access to restrooms and large teacher workroom areas.

With completion of the Figarden projects, the 20 new classrooms will replace 18 portables.

The Fresno Unified Board of Education will continue to use the 2009 Facilities Master Plan to provide a vision for improving district facilities while anticipating future needs. In addition, last fall the board updated high school master plans to reflect improvements completed, projects underway, and additional input from the community and the board.

The Fresno Unified Board of Education approved a list of Measure X projects at its Oct. 12 meeting. Projects include a new school in southeast Fresno to accommodate enrollment growth; districtwide, science and technology labs, career/technical education classrooms, music and arts classrooms, elementary school security upgrades, parking lot gates; and a variety of other projects ranging from air conditioning, to new classrooms to new theaters at high schools.