Fresno adult daycare hit by thieves 3 times in 2 weeks

FRESNO, Calif. (KFSN) -- Valley Adult Day Health Care Center in southwest Fresno has been targeted by thieves three times in just two weeks.

The suspects climbed over their locked fence to vandalize their vehicles.

The fence is several feet high and has sharp edges at the top, but that was not enough to stop the thieves from hopping over to get to buses locked away at night.

The suspects are accused of stealing catalytic converters from buses that take elderly people to the facility.

One February morning, bus driver Julio Quintana says he found parts of his bus was gone.

But what wasn't gone was the crime.

Days later two more thieves came back, on separate occasions, causing nearly $20,000 in damage.

Edward Saliba says between 90 to 100 people ride the buses each day during the week.

Many of them come to the facility for therapy, arts, and crafts and to spend time with their friends.

"We become their parent, their children they depend on us," says Saliba.

Quintana says not only are they short two wheelchair-accessible buses, but they are also down on transportation to pick up riders who rely on a consistent schedule.

Despite the challenges, he is not letting the thieves get in the way of the one thing that keeps him going - bringing joy to those in need.

The vice president of the adult daycare says getting the buses fixed has been a challenge because they are having a hard time finding replacement parts.

For now, he has hired security who will patrol the area at night.
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