Itching to go boating or swimming? You need to be extra careful this weekend

As water levels continue to rise in rivers and waterways across the Central Valley, officials are issuing warnings for those hoping to cool off.

The high rivers and lakes are already causing some flooding across the Valley.

Parts of the Kings River will close because of the dangerous conditions.

Fresno County sheriff's officials say they're expecting it to be even busier than Memorial Day this weekend because more college and high school students are graduating, or starting their summer break.

We're starting to see the impact from all the winter snow with rising water levels.

While Fresno County deputies won't close their part of the river just yet, they do ask swimmers to think twice before getting in dangerous waters.

Rivers are roaring and as waterways continue to swell, it could be dangerous for those looking to cool off.

"It has a strong current, and the water is cold. This is not the time to swim in the river," says Sharon Weaver of the San Joaquin River Parkway.

Rising water levels have already caused areas like the Lost Lake recreation area to see some flooding.

Many of the Valley's reservoirs are storing water above 100 percent of the average.

Weaver says they're canceling their canoe and kayak tours until levels start to lower.

"What we're worried about is that we're getting a hot spell, the river is high and the river is very cold."

As a result of Pine Flat water releases, Tulare County sheriff's deputies closed a portion of the Kings River.

Tony Botti with the Fresno County Sheriff's office says they're not closing their portion of the river just yet, but will have rescue teams ready.

"Our channels run deeper here in Fresno County, so it can accommodate more water. It is running strong, it's 8400 cubic feet per second right now, so understand the power of the river," says Botti.

Along with sheriff's search and rescue, Fresno fire also has teams training along Valley waterways.

Betty Taylor says the river along her house at Wildwood Mobile Home park has breached before but says for now the levels are not concerning.

Folks are being asked to read the signs and watch for fluctuating conditions.

Taylor is keeping an eye on the totem pole behind her home that tells her when the river rises, and when she needs to evacuate.

"When the water rises, I rise," she says.

Deputies will be out patrolling. They want to make sure folks take some steps of their own.

Some of those tips include to avoid drinking before going into the water, keep an eye on kids, and wear a life jacket.
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