Horse Ranch needs volunteers to care for hundreds of displaced animals

"This is a safe place, and it's a peaceful place," said evacuee Lori Harshman.
FRESNO COUNTY, Calif. (KFSN) -- Fire evacuees and their livestock are finding refuge in their new home away from home in Fresno County.

"This is a safe place, and it's a peaceful place," said evacuee Lori Harshman.

The Double S Horse Ranch outside of Clovis on Highway 168 has transformed into a livestock center, caring for 500 animals from horses to pigs and more.

"As some go home, more come in from other areas," said Derrick Simpson with Double S Horse Ranch.

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Hundreds of volunteers are a part of this organized operation. The animals are all numbered. Volunteers help clean up pens and feed and check on the animals.

"Some horses are like 'love me' because their humans aren't here. It's been really nice to feel like I'm helping my community with something," said volunteer Jiliean Fritz.

Supplies are needed to feed the animals and keep them healthy. It's estimated they could be here for a few months or longer.

"Monday through Friday we see the number of volunteers go down, but they come back on the weekends, Simpson said.

One evacuee brought her alpacas to the ranch. She normally serves as an animal sanctuary in Tollhouse but was forced to flee the flames. Her animals were also sheltered together.

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"Next September, I believe we're going to start having anywhere from five to 12 babies. So at the end of all of this, brand new life," said evacuee Cindy Vandenboom.

It'll be a new beginning emerging out fo the ashes.

A hospital has been set up to care for sick animals, and veterinarians are coming daily.

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