Workout Wednesday: 3 elements to keep a balanced exercise routine

Local fitness expert Rhonda Murphy is breaking down the three basic elements of fitness training and explains why they help create a balanced routine.

There are three basic elements to fitness: aerobic activity, strength training and flexibility.

Aerobic activity works like a broom for the body it sweeps away the bad thing in your lungs and heart.

A perfect example is walking it pushes oxygen through the body clean up your system.

Strength training helps keep your bones strong and you ligament, tendons and muscle strong and durable, you will feel powerful and young.

The last component is the most avoided stretching. We tend to think it is not important because it doesn't hurt and we think no pain, no gain. That couldn't be more further from the truth.

Stretching keeps your range of motion and reduces your chance of injury.

Try and incorporate these three components and you can't go wrong.
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