COVID-19 protocols in place at the World Ag Expo

TULARE, Calif. (KFSN) -- The health and safety of guests, exhibitors and staff remain top priorities at the World Ag Expo (WAE).

The three-day event kicked off Tuesday and runs through Thursday at the International Agri-Center in Tulare.

The event has several precautions in place.

Organizers are reminding guests -- if you don't feel good, don't come.

"We just really don't want to be sharing germs, especially with people who grow our food," said Jennifer Fawkes, marketing manager for WAE.

Most of the displays are outside, where people can socially distance themselves.

The expo follows California's COVID requirements when it comes to masks. They aren't required outside, only indoors.

"Please be very aware of that, but again, come out to the show. We're really an outdoor show," Fawkes said.

The Ag Expo brings in guests and exhibitors from all parts of the ag industry and from all parts of the world. Those traveling into Tulare County internationally have to follow federal guidelines, which includes being vaccinated and/or tested.
"We feel very safe," said Fawkes. "We're able to control what happens inside of our showgrounds. Everyone else, all the other safety agencies, take care of it outside our showgrounds."

Moshe Porat, an ag expo exhibitor, flew in from Israel to showcase an agri-tech product from Tevel Aerobotics.

He said, while there were several health requirements to fly into the United States, he knows the protocols are in place to keep everyone safe.

"This is what we need to do, but I think it was very transparent. It was very easy to come and to stay," said Porat, marketing manager. "We're here to enjoy and be part of this amazing conference."

Tulare County Public Health is reminding those attending big gatherings, like the Ag Expo, there is a higher risk of COVID transmission.

To reduce it, the health department encourages getting vaccinated, wearing masks and getting tested before and after the event.

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