4 suspects remain outstanding in Fresno attempted armed robbery, several are related, police say

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Witnesses are being shown photo lineups while evidence is being processed. (KFSN)

A memorial with candles, pictures, and balloons now sits outside the family business that Chris grew up in. He was working on the stereo and DJ outlet in Mari's Jewelry store Saturday evening. Surveillance cameras show three young men were browsing the jewelry and asking to try items on.

Chris' mom, Mari said she turned her back for a brief second when the gunman grabbed trays of jewelry and made a run for the door, her husband and Chris followed. They wrestled with the robber, not knowing he was armed until police say he pulled a gun from his pants and fired-- killing Chris. The suspects and three others got away-- but not before leaving some valuable clues behind.

"There's several dozen sets of fingerprints that we're actually analyzing, that we are going through and doing comparisons with-- that as well as possibly some other items that would require some DNA analysis," Lieutenant Dave Madrigal, Fresno Police Department.

Witnesses are being shown photo lineups while evidence is being processed. Detectives are serving search warrants and with each interview learning more about each of the six suspects.

"I believe that we have most of them, if not all of them identified," said

Several of Chris' family members witnessed his shocking death. They can't believe how a group of boys could orchestrate a plan that would end in a murder.

"They're supposed to be doing other stuff-- playing games, doing sports, not robbing people and killing people," said
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