Fresno fitness trainer challenges people to move every day for 100 days

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A lot of us feel like we don't have time to exercise, but a Fresno fitness trainer says all you need is 30 minutes. (KFSN)

A lot of us feel like we don't have time to exercise, but a Fresno fitness trainer says all you need is 30 minutes.

Inside Rhonda Murphy's gym in northeast Fresno, weights are moving as people kick off the 100-day challenge. For 100 days, trainer Murphy is challenging people to move every day for 30 minutes. "So if you do something 30 minutes, again everybody has 30 minutes, but not everybody has an hour and that's the big difference."

That workout can look different for everyone-- from walking your dog to running outside. Even picking up a new hobby or team sport. Stuck inside? She says play tag with your kids or use items in your house to work out. "Get off that couch, keep moving. Use that couch-- do dips, modified push-ups, you can hold on to the couch and do cross the body, there is all kind of things to do," said Murphy.

Murphy showed us a variety of activities all which got my heart beat up.

Fresno resident Reena Simone says exercise has changed her life. "It's really a whole different kind of mindset. It's more about thinking about yourself as a healthy individual as opposed to a thin individual."

A major part of the challenge is to get online and to use social media to show what you're doing. A connected community with one goal. "When you make a post of a picture, I'm going to look at it. The thing is, I want you to know I'm watching you. I'm helping you. The big key is accountability and making it fun," explains Murphy.

Murphy says people can see the benefits from attitude to health, all they need is 30 minutes.

The 100-day fitness challenge runs from January 4th until April 13th. A chance for a new year and a new you.

The rules for the 100-day challenge are below:

1. Participate in at least 30 minutes of physical activity a day (gym, walking (dog optional), dancing, yoga, swimming, biking, yard work...basically anything that keeps your heart rate up.

2. If you miss a day, make up with at least 30 additional minutes the next day! *Honor system

3. Keep us updated with your progress as often as possible. Capture a picture of something while exercising and hashtag it #RhoFit100 ! We want to see your progress.

4. Have fun with this challenge and lets get fit together.

Email: if you are interested in the challenge!

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