New way to lose weight in the Valley

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Many stars get red-carpet ready with the latest body contouring method that's now available in the Valley. (KFSN)

Many stars get red-carpet ready with the latest body contouring method that's now available in the Valley.

Efren Torres of Fresno gets a fat-melting method that's so fast, he can get a treatment during breaks between his college classes. Torres is being treated with Sculpsure. The only FDA approved laser for fat reduction. "It helps people get rid of those little fat pockets that they can't get rid of," said Dr. Kathleen Behr, board-certified dermatologic surgeon.

Dr. Behr said she had to get Sculpsure in her Fresno office to offer her patients the pain-free fat blaster, because it works in only 25 minutes. "It really is broadening our spectrum and helping more people get treated."

People like Efren, who want a little help getting rid of the extra inches in his stomach area. "I was never able to get a flat stomach so hopefully this will help without surgery."

The treatment begins by buckling into a belt. Then individual treatment wands are attached to the belt which delivers the laser energy that emits heat, but is painless.

An animation provided by the makers of sculpsure showed that the wands can be placed on different areas of the body for fat reduction. Then the laser goes through the skin, without damaging it or the surrounding tissue, to target only the fat cells and destroy them. The patient feels several cycles of heating and cooling throughout the treatment.

Other fat reduction methods like cool-sculpting and vanquish require at least an hour per treatment, but Sculpsure cuts treatment time to 25 minutes and is changing the way doctors get rid of unwanted fat. The advanced technology of Sculpsure adds another tool for body contouring that can work with other treatments. Dr. Behr can now offer patients, both Sculpsure and Coolsculpting, even at the same time to customize their treatments, to get the best results.

After treatment, the wands are removed and Efren's skin shows no marks or redness. "I'm going to go back to work after this, and then the gym later tonight, and continue on with my day."

Dr. Behr said patients will see results in four to six weeks. The cost runs about $1,600 per treatment. "We do one treatment and usually see a 25-percent decrease in an area. Then, to get that super wow effect, do a second treatment in about six to twelve weeks."

That "super wow effect" is what Efren is hoping for, before hitting the beach this summer.

Dr. Behr said once fat cells are destroyed by Sculpsure, those cells are permanently gone. But, patients must maintain a healthy diet and exercise plan so weight is not regained in the treated areas of the body.

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