Valley drivers deal with wet weather

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While the wet weather is both needed and welcome, it also caused some major traffic hazards Saturday. (KFSN)

The wet weather has caused some difficult driving conditions Saturday.

In Clovis, a Toyota Corolla posted on the sidewalk after running off the road. The driver and a child in the backseat were okay, but not their car.

Christopher McClue was involved in the accident, and after he and the driver of the Corolla took photos of his broken headlight. "I was heading south on Fowler here and then the car came up over the median and right in front of me and there wasn't much I could do," he said.

Just a couple hours before that accident there was this one on Highway 180 near Broadway Street. California Highway Patrol officers say the driver of the mini-van did not keep a safe distance from the car in front of her. So when she noticed it was slowing down at the last minute, she could not stop in time, and that caused her to swerve and t-boned a PT Cruiser, which backed up traffic for miles.

Steady rain left a number of puddles across the Central Valley, but storm drains stopped it from flooding city streets, and it's something Marcy Lierly is thankful for as she makes an extra effort to be cautious on the road. "Slow down and a have little bit of grace and space," she said.

Sgt. Ed Jacobs with the California Highway Patrol says it is extremely important to slow down when it is raining. He also says make sure windshield wipers are in working condition and your headlights should be turned on as well.

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