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One of the easiest ways to injure yourself is to have a body that is uneven. (KFSN)

One of the easiest ways to injure yourself is to have a body that is uneven. Working your hips is very important in keeping your lower back and hips healthy and injury free. When playing sports, especially if it is one sided dominant sport like golf, you have to make sure you work the opposing side to keep your body even. Michael is here today showing us some exercises that we do to keep his hips stable and strong. As a golfer, one side dominates the swing. The opposite hip may break down and become weak do to the lack of use, so make sure that you strengthen the opposite hip.

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The first exercise we're going to demonstrate is what we call a clamshell. While opening and closing your knees in slow motion you will get stronger and can add some resistance. If you feel it is weak, go slow and take your time.

The next exercise is working the inner and outer thighs by opening and closing the legs at the knee while lying on your back. We don't use any weight as we're just trying to get your hips open as wide as possible and then squeezing them together.

The last exercise works your hip flexor. Grab the bench or brace yourself over your head, bring your knees up toward your chest, lower your back into the ground and slightly lift your tailbone up. You're using your own body's resistance on this particular exercise. It is about working your hips in a controlled movement. Add resistance as you get stronger. Range of motion and strength will keep you on top of your game.

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