Central Fresno crash kills woman

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One person is dead after a crash on Shields and Marks Avenues in Central Fresno Sunday evening. (KFSN)

One person is dead after a crash on Shields and Marks Avenues in Central Fresno Sunday evening.

Debris covered the ground of Shields and Marks Avenues after a two-car crash involving three people.

"It appears that they were both on Marks Avenue," Sgt. Paul Cervantes with the Fresno Police Department said. "It is not known if they were traveling in the opposing lane, we can surmise that it was the possibility of the case."

Police say wet roads likely played a factor.

"I'm relatively certain there is going to be a combination of all of that, however, we don't know entirely," Cervantes said.

The accident happened just feet away from a gas and liquor store. Customer James Highsmith stops by often, and he says he takes that stretch of road where the accident happened to get to the store and has never seen anything like this."

"I come off the 99 and go down Shields," Highsmith said. "So, it's very rare to see something like that to go off of here."

Police say that with the help of fire personnel, they had to use the jaws of life to rescue those trapped inside.

"I think it's also important to note the officers on scene thought outside of the box if you will," Cervantes explained. "We utilized the chain from the fire officials, we utilized the patrol car to physically remove the car so that life-saving measures could be provided to the occupants on-scene."

Cervantes says it is important for drivers to be cautious when the weather conditions add to the dangers of driving.

"As always we like to remind the public that when we have inclement weather the roads can become slick because of the oil on the ground," he said.

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