Yellow Fever mosquito detected in Clovis

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For a third straight year the so-called Yellow Fever mosquito has been found in the Central Valley. (KFSN)

For a third straight year, the so-called Yellow Fever mosquito has been found in the Central Valley. The main concern with this mosquito is it transmits four life-threatening illnesses-- including the zika virus.

None of those viruses are in the Central Valley, but mosquito abatement teams are working to slow the spread of this irritating insect.

The Braden Court Community on Ashlan between Locan and Dewolf is ground zero for the Yellow Fever mosquito. Shane Bingham lives in the center of the affected area, where mosquito traps in his neighborhood found the aedes aegypti mosquito again this year.

"It's definitely nothing to look forward to."

These mosquitos are about half the size of normal mosquitos seen in the Central Valley. They are black with white spots and prefer living in urban populated areas on the outskirts of town.

"They like to sneak up behind you and bite you around the ankle up to the back of your knee. They'll follow you into the house. If you have a place for them to live in the house, they will take up residence and just feed on you and never leave the house," said Tim Phillips, Fresno Mosquito and Vector Control.

One of the main characteristics of this mosquito is that it will bite anytime, including during the day. Most mosquitos are night biters.

"Laying on my couch, I'd get eight in a half hour. Fall asleep, wake up with bites everywhere," said Bingham.

Mosquito abatement workers are now canvassing the area, leaving notices and reminding residents that even a small bottle cap with water in it is a perfect breeding ground for the Yellow Fever mosquito.

Some in the neighborhood who said they have been bitten by this pest describe the bites as more painful and leave larger welts.

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