Tighten your midsection

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Classic exercises that work your core. (KFSN)

Classic exercises that work your core.
Three core exercises that have past the test of time. Do these three core foundation exercises for a well rounded fitness routine.

1. Crunch

When doing a crunch you want to cradle your neck with your hands. You do not want to pull on your neck. Protecting the neck and not pulling on it is crucial to avoiding injury. Lift your head with your shoulders as you are squeezing and tightening your abdominal muscle. Breathe out as you come up. Always take it at your fitness level.
2. Side Crunches

Cross your ankle on the opposing knee. Lift up and bringing your elbow Across your body toward the opposite knee. Always breathe out as you are coming up. Remember do not pull on your neck, but support it with your hand.

3. Lying Leg Lifts

Put your hands underneath your buns to support your lower back. Bring your legs up breathing in, and as you bring them down breathe your air out. If you are just getting started try not to bring your legs too low to the ground as it will irritate your lower back. Try to keep your legs no lower than 10 inches from the ground.

Make sure you never hold your breath!!!

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