Campsites and trails closed at Bass Lake due to dead trees caused by Bark Beetles

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If you have plans to spend Memorial Day weekend at Bass Lake, you should call ahead. (KFSN)

If you have plans to spend Memorial Day weekend at Bass Lake, you should call ahead. Several campsites and trails are closed, due to the bark beetle and dead trees.

One by one the mighty Ponderosa Pines of Bass Lake, are falling. Russell Walsh is weeding out the dead. All the trees that have been claimed by the bark beetle and marked by the US Forest Service as hazardous.

"I've never seen nothing like it, 40 years, cutting timber, I've never seen nothing like this," said Walsh.

There are thousands around the lake, in the campgrounds, and on the trails.

"It's biblical, it's that devastating," said Walsh.

A strong wind could knock them over and it's too much to clear by Memorial Day, so a lot of popular spots will be closed.

"It's know before you go. It's taking a look at the website so you're not disappointed when you get up here," said Daniel Tune, US Forest Service.

The closures change from day to day. On Thursday, 13 campgrounds were off limits, plus another two on the high Sierra side.

Nick Sarrao, drove up from Southern California.

"It's gonna impact a lot of people coming up here."

Walsh and his crew are moving from campground to campground and when they're safe, the Forest Service will open them up. Meanwhile, another crew, is cutting down trees near the power lines.

"Keeps hazard trees from falling on power lines, people losing power, costing PG&E thousands upon thousands, millions," said Erik Ramos, logger.

Ramos said his crew has a three-year contract.

As for Walsh, he's on a tight deadline. The Forest Service wants to have the dead trees clear by July, but the bark beetle keeps moving, making the job difficult.

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