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The sport of roller derby combines the finesse of skating with the toughness of a full-contact sport. (KFSN)

In 2007, the V Town Derby Dames were established in the south valley.

"We have our dames, which is our charter team, we are ranked internationally in the women's flat track derby association, we are in the 130's internationally and then our Darlings is our team that is up and coming and are trying to get to the Dames," said Darcy Massey.

"The best thing about it is you go to the gym and it's very boring, this is not boring. There is a measure of fear associated with it, so you are much more motivated to try a little harder so you don't get knocked down," said Rhonda Mayer.

Each bout has two halves at 30 minutes each and consists of five skaters per team.

"Four of them are blockers and one of them is jammer and the jammer wears a star on their helmet and that person is the one that scores for your team. that person is going to move through the pack and for opposing player they pass is a point," said Mayer.

Roller derby isn't for the faint of heart, it's a very tough, physically demanding sport, however, the ladies behind me are doing this for a very good cause.

"We do raffle baskets at all of our home bouts and all the money from that goes to the charities," said Jesse Hardy.

An action-packed sport, raising money for a good cause just another reason to come out and watch.

"I think if you haven't come and seen roller derby you have no idea what you are missing, most people that come one time are hooked. You are going to be impressed, entertained, you are going to laugh, be shocked and you are going to have a great time," said Mayer.

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